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Pay Sites

Paid Member Dating sites come in variety of styles and are the MOST EFFECTIVE if you chose right!

  • Most will allow you to register for free but will then charge you for services such as getting or sending emails, being seen by non-paying registered members, or added features such as your profile being highlighted.
  • Charges range from sites that offer a value at $3.00 a month to others charging $30, 40 or more a month plus upgrades and premium charges.
  • Many sites require you to fill out a form that can go pages and take 20 minutes or more to fill out.
  • Some sites offer dating questionnaires or compatibility tests.  While these do have some value, they can get in the way of the overall process of trying to meet someone.
  • Many sites are nothing more than a “franchise” operation.  Some part time so called “webmaster” joins a service that supplies the template for the site; supplies members recruited from other franchisees, and then advertise the site as a stand-alone personals site.  These types of sites are basically a waste of time and many find they join multiple sites only to find out they are really all the same members from different affiliates / franchises!
  • As with the free dating sites, often then are tens of thousands (many claim millions) of members.  Again, you have to be aware of those that join and never return.
  • The latest figures on these types of visitors that never come back is lower depending on the site structure.  Some sites have a “no return” ratio of less than 20% while others are nearly 86%.  The smaller the site, the lower the “no return” ratio in general.
  • Paying members are more committed to the dating site, the process and finding compatible partners.
  • Pay sites have the same issues of fake ads and cam girl ads.  Learn how to recognize them or better yet, find dating sites that regularly week out the fake, porn, cam and old ads.  These are usually smaller sites that offer quality over quantity.
  • Be aware of sites that attempt to “suck you dry”.  They will have three or more levels of memberships, charge for having free members see or contact you, charge for highlighting your profile, charge for private chat rooms, charge for access to “premium” features or add fees for moving your profile to a higher position during searches.

  • Be aware of sites that suspend or restrict your ability to include your email, phone number or other contact information in member-to-member emails.  They use the excuse of safety when in fact it is just another ploy to keep you paying and staying on the site.
  • IN GENERAL…PAY sites will offer a better value in the long run if you are seriously seeking others for dating, sex or relationships.   But you need to be careful not to be caught in the trap of endless fees and overwhelming numbers of members to wade through.
  • Check out our review of some the major dating sites online.